3 Dynamic Benefits Of Tummo Breathing For Health

Let’s face it. It’s cold in Canada and it will get colder. What if I told you there is a way to heat your body up, even while sitting naked in the snow? Okay. Not naked, but in the snow. I have something exciting to share with you, and it only takes a few minutes to learn. It’s something that will transform your health and improve every aspect of your life.

Tummo breathing is an ancient breathing technique cultivated for centuries by Buddhist monks. While there are many variations to the practice, the template to do the exercises is the same. It consists of deep breathing cycles, then holding the breath for a period. Performing Tummo not only heats your body up but strengthens the lungs and entire body (I’ll explain, I promise). Before I discuss how to do it, I’d like to share 3 powerful benefits of Tummo (to get you psyched).

1.     Improved Clarity and Mental Focus

Tummo breathing is also considered a meditation, and because the practice requires intent, or guiding the breath, it develops wicked concentration. You will notice this almost immediately, and it also helps you manage stress in a productive way. It also develops a state of clear awareness by raising the energy levels. This energy is known in Indian philosophy as Kundalini energy, and it is awesome.

2.     Lowers Blood Pressure and Relieves Anxiety

Performing Tummo lowers blood pressure and slows the heart rate. What does this mean for you? A healthier body because there is less pressure on the veins and arteries. It also makes you calmer, and that means you handle stress in a relaxed way. Want proof? Take your blood pressure and pulse before and after the breathing cycles. You will be amazed!

3.     Overall Effect On Health

There are so many benefits to daily Tummo breathing. Guess what the number one predictor of life expectancy is? Lung capacity. Deep breathing expands the lungs and makes them stronger. This is important for COVID-19, as it is a respiratory illness. Stronger lungs help you fight the virus. Tummo also makes our immune system stronger, helping us fight common illnesses. Daily breathing makes us sleep deeper and longer. And the best benefit? Deep breathing heats our thermal system. Next time you are out in the Canadian elements, try Tummo to heat your body up.

Now that you know some of the benefits of Tummo breathing, let’s look at how to do it. While the breathing can be done anywhere, try doing it in the cold. This way you can feel the benefits of thermal expansion. Never do Tummo while driving, in water, or while moving. It is meant to be performed stationary. Find a quiet place to sit or stand. Do one inhale and exhale. You can breathe through the nose or mouth (I prefer the nose). Now, do an inhale, then exhale, making certain to let all the breath out of the lungs. Perform thirty breaths. Relax! After the last breath, do one more with a deep exhalation. Let all the air out of your lungs. Now hold your breath as long as you can. Don’t exhale, but when you cannot hold it anymore, inhale and hold for fifteen to thirty seconds. Exhale. Feel the heat!

Perform this cycle at least once daily, but you can do more if you want. The important point is to do it daily. Look for tremendous changes in your body and health, and perhaps a brighter smile.